Thursday, October 29, 2009

James Marsden als Frank Sinatra wäre eine Traumbesetzung!

Vergessen Sie Leonardo di Caprio, Mr. Scorsese! Wir haben da etwas viel Besseres für Sie:



Herfried said...

Ich denke auch, dass James Marsden den Frankie-Boy am überzeugendsten von allen derzeit genannten Hollywood-Namen verkörpern könnte. Di Caprio geht ja mal gar nicht!

Ronny said...

Hey, das mit James Marsden hab ich mir auch schon gedacht. Der hat mich in Hairspray voll begeistert!

Anonymous said...

James Marsden: Ich würde gern mal Frank Sinatra spielen!

xXJamesfanXx said...

October 23rd, 2009: The photographers caught up with James Marsden Friday afternoon and asked him if he knew what he was going to be for Halloween. He said, "No I'm too busy dressing my kids!"

J. Richard Kelly said...


Most people know James Marsden as Cyclops from the "X-Men" movies. This is obviously his most high profile role, and it certainly brought him a lot of great opportunities. But the bummer about playing Cyclops is that the audience can’t see your eyes.

There is only so much you can do with a role in which the windows to the soul remain covered for the duration of the film.

In the past few years a lot of people have come to realize a little secret about Jimmy Marsden – he has incredible range. He can do pretty much any accent without consulting a dialect coach. He can improvise comedy at the drop of a hat. And . . . when they saw him in the role of Prince Charming in "Enchanted" – audiences realized that the guy can also sing. He has an amazing singing voice.

I actually sang karaoke for the first time in my life at "The Box" wrap party in Boston – and I have to say – following James Marsden on stage was one of the most humbling (and humiliating) experiences of my life.

It then comes as no surprise that – like Lady Diaz – Prince Marsden is a very well-adjusted, down to earth person. A great guy. He also does a killer Paul Lynde impression (for those of you who don’t know Paul Lynde – he was on "Bewitched" and was often the center square on the game show "Hollywood Squares").

If anyone reading this blog gets a chance to ask Jimmy to do his Paul Lynde impression, be prepared. It is seriously funny.

Jimmy (as everyone refers to him) gives what I believe is the best performance of his career in "The Box" (opening November 6th!). I know I am biased because I directed the film – but I don’t think I will be alone in this opinion.

The character of Arthur Lewis has about the same screen time as Norma Lewis. The film was designed to have an equally balanced journey experienced by the husband and wife who find themselves in the crosshairs of Arlington Steward’s experiment.

As an actor who started in this business when he was 19-years-old – it’s great to see someone who has more than paid his dues achieving leading-man status.

If you visit either of The Box websites ( and -- you will see that the Mars Viking program that was conducted by NASA in 1976 figures heavily into the plot – as Arthur Lewis is an engineer at the Langley facility in Hampton, Virginia.

A French reporter recently brought it to my attention that Jimmy’s last name actually contains “Mars.”

It must have been fate that he would go on to play Arthur Lewis – whose enigmatic connection to Mars will be discussed by many who see "The Box."

Anonymous said...

Aktuelles Interview zu seinem neuen Film "The Box":

Anonymous said...

Ist er überhaupt von der Erde? ;)

Benjamin said...

Interessantes Blog ;)

sanna17 said...

Heute nacht kam wieder auf Comedy Central die alte Folge von Ally McBeal, wo "der Junge" Glenn (James Marsden) Witchcraft von Frank Sinatra singt! So geil!

Anonymous said...